The Prophet's Motive Bringing Morality into Economics: Right or Wrong

The Profit Motive A Lack of Morality in Economics: Wrong or Right
flip book -- two front covers “THE PROFIT MOTIVE/ THE PROPHET’S MOTIVE” presents alternatives to the current belief of how Capitalism is practiced today. It is a flip book designed to address both issues of each title in today’s world. It questions the morality of our current practice of capitalism and shows alternative policies that can be implemented but only with the will of the people. It captures the spirit of the “occupy” movement and the writing was finished just as the movement began. The book’s main thesis is about applying the golden rule to our economic system in order to address the income disparity from our current practice of capitalism.

Make no mistake; it is the American worker that creates the jobs for the so called Republican “job creators” to exploit. The idea that taxing the rich is punishing people for being successful is another example of Republican lies and hypocrisy. The people being punished for being successful are the workers of the United States. Every time they become more efficient, companies then cut jobs and tell those workers remaining to take concessions if they want to keep their jobs. The company makes more profit and the workers make less money. That is the truth and it’s reflected in the bank accounts we all hear so much about today.

About Leif P Damstoft Sr.

Leif P Damstoft Sr.
flip book -- two front covers Leif P Damstoft Sr. stood on picket lines over 20 years ago at a church protesting the income disparity being applied at the time. He has spoken out for working people throughout his life and has run for the State Senate in Ohio 2 times in democratic primaries. He ran his campaign not accepting money believing that money was the problem in politics long before the current social movement. He is 51 years old and runs his own small weekend business and has worked in steel processing plants in N.E. Ohio for the last 18 years. He has gone through a divorce and bankruptcy and has recently married. He has 2 children a son and a daughter and 2 grandsons one by each child. He has written many articles and letters to the editors in papers throughout Ohio and some national. He is also an accomplished guitarist and has several self-produced albums. This is his second book but his first to get published nationally. The first book was written about his run for public office for an online friend to distribute.